Once Upon A Time....

There lived a Princess named Nicole who loved to entertain and enchant children.  She would arrive as your favorite princess or fairy tale character and create a magical Princess Party for children.

Princess Nicole brought her big pink trunk overflowing with costumes for children to explore and wear at the Princess Party. My- how their little faces would light up as they were transformed into beautiful princesses. They would each take a turn to elegantly walk down the red carpet, wave their magic wands and curtsy to music fit only for royalty. 

The girls were then whisked off to the Arts and Crafts table, where they got to create their very own glittering tiara. Story Time, Songs, Face Painting and Thematic Games were next to follow suit. 

The special day was topped off with a round of “Happy Birthday” and tasty Cupcake 

With a Princess Party like that, there was only one way this magical fairy tale could end... 

Happily Ever After.